Lovely Jubbly

Ah, it’s Friday and the sun is shining on a wonderful crisp late autumn day here in West London. The servers are purring away nicely and the team is beavering away delivering the next phase of development and all the Key Performance Indicators are looking good. Hence I can skive a bit and share some more fabulous links from around the wonderful internet of things. So here we go!

Word up >> Former Creative Director of Google Labs and Creative Director at Facebook, Ji Lee is a clever clogs who just loves to do funky things with blank spaces. His personal site, is full of interesting project ideas but my favourite is definitely his Word as Image concept. Simple ideas, beautifully executed are always the best – and this is no exception.

Size isn’t everything >> Planning on doing some entertaining soon? Struggling to know how to feed the hungry hoards? Then do I have the solution for you! Pinch Food Designs might be based in New York, but I reckon it might be worth planning a party in the Big Apple just so that I can get these guys to cater for it. Their canapés and party food look and sound totally amazing, and although it is impossible to know what they taste like – the flavour combinations on show certainly sound mouthwatering enough. And just look at the amazing presentation… almost too good to eat, but only almost!

Sun Ray Ricochet >> Matt W Moore is not an artist I have come across until now, but I don’t know why as his Vectorfunk style is right up my street! His portfolio website at MWM Graphics is an amazing explosion of geometric colour and I could easily spend a few too many hours looking through each of the chapters. I especially like the iPhone snaps sections at the end of each “behind the scenes” pages.  As always I like to highlight my favourite and so for now I’ll stick with Sun Ray Ricochet and Matt’s snaps of Moscow.

Not such a half-baked plan >> Now I admit I have some strange likes and dislikes when it comes to food. I love day old and slightly chewy cheez doodles but chilled gazpacho soup? No thank you – soup is supposed to be hot! Another personal delight is getting down to the bottom of a tub of popcorn to find all the failed semi-popped kernels to chew on. Much more satisfying than the fluffy whiteness of the fully-popped corn, so stumbling upon Halfpops was quite an event and prompted me to ponder: why didn’t I think of that?

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