Paper plane perfection

I’ve touched on the subject of art appropriation in previous posts – and here is another fabulous example. In this case it isn’t an existing work of art that has been appropriated but rather a piece of mechanical technology. Specialist printers and bespoke envelope makers Baddeley Brothers let the design duo Glithero play with their printing presses, envelope folding machine and master engraver.  The end results of this collaboration are the five magnificent paper planes and a brilliant little video of the process. The planes themselves; printed, embossed and pre-folded are truly stunning and although you would probably never actually fly them (they are too beautiful to risk a rip or a tear) they could and should be used as centerpieces in other installations – or indeed displayed in their own individual splendiferous formations.  I bought two sets of these planes from this year’s Temporium – one for my dad and one for me – it might have been Christmas but I don’t think I could have resisted in any case!

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