What a corker!

Wine-life of the year >>  A design collaboration between Monkey Business and Reddish Studio hoping to reanimate your dinner party by “pinning your corks to life”.  Such a great little idea, taking the age-old Mr Potato Head theme and tweaking it just a little to bring it bang up-to-date and putting the cool-factor in overdrive!

Thumbs up! >>  In a previous post I commented on the collectability of matchboxes – and noted that the modern day equivalent marketing medium could be construed as being that of the USB memory or “thumb drive” – with one very notable exception: their lack of design desirability.  I think someone must have read my mind as lo! Look what I have found: the Empty Memory suite of designer drives from start-up Logical Art (such an excellent choice of name!).  Although closer in values to jewelry rather than merchandise fit for branding, these drives certainly tick all my design appeal boxes – just a pity that storage solutions have moved on and into the cloud!

Simple sounds >>  Joey Roth has designed these simply stunning ceramic speakers and combined them with Baltic ply to produce a masterpiece of Scandinavian inspired functional furniture with a hip factor that is off the scale.  Now it turns out that Joey has a track record of designing beautiful products and although I didn’t know it at the time, I have lusted over one of his products before. Back in 2008 when I was last in California I discovered this wonderful teapot while browsing in the store at SFMOMA.  Mouthwatering!

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