All I want for Christmas…

Apart from this rant reaching the depths and quality of a Denis Leary outburst – what I want, what I really, really want … is a smartphone with a battery that will last a normal day of what it was intended for: email, texting, internet, location based apps, Facebook, the odd photo… So I am not even asking it to do anything special, like stream Spotify or play a downloaded video on the daily commute or more advanced stuff like acting as a WiFi hotspot – although all of that would be fabulous.  No, just a normal day of normal use is all I need… is that too much to ask? A question that has to be posed – who wanted HTC and Samsung to make the mega-screen phones? Or indeed Apple (who got the screen size right on the iPhone 5) but then spent months making it thinner and lighter rather than making the battery last longer… oh, and did I mention the fact that the thinner and lighter iPhone 5 is a bitch to make because of the complicated manufacturing process? Idiots! Just give me proper battery life and I will be happy – not to mention more productive and conducive to upgrading!

I am currently using an 18 month old Desire HD running Android 3.3 with a 1230 mAh battery which is about 50% under-powered for my average daily routine… With the S3 (too big!) at 2100 mAh and iPhone5 (evil) at ~1400 mAh there must be a phone that has a decent size, 4G and NFC that has a battery to match?

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