For once in my life

To the dulcet tones of Slow Moving Millie singing Morrissey’s beautiful lyrics from The Smiths seminal Please, Please, PleaseJohn Lewis stole our hearts, our wallets and all the prizes in 2011 with superb The Long Wait.

In 2012, the same team are at it again with The Journey; a determined snowman driven on by Frankie Goes To Hollywood anthem The Power of Love.  Well done to Adam & Eve – and yes, a few of my hard earned pennies will be finding their way into the JL coffers this Christmas (not to mention the endless stream of cash that M and I give to Waitrose).  You can’t beat quality – but you can try and copy it…

McCann London have tried to do just that with this little copycat effort for home improvement business B&Q.  Following the John Lewis 2011 formula: cute little tyke (tick!), being very secretive (tick!), ignoring other family members (tick!), slow moving 80’s anthem sung almost acapela by songstress (tick!) sweet little twist at the end (tick!). If we weren’t so fickle or indeed ad geeks, then Make it Perfect might have warmed my heart a little more – as it is it no more than “me too” attempt.

Now if you want to be a little different this festive season, then why not do something a little more leftfield?  That is clearly what the New York agency Wieden and Kennedy figured when they took over the Southern Comfort account and produced this neat little antidote to Xmas schmaltz.

Now I’ll have what he is having!

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