Savoury Sweets

Heston Blumenthal: some say he looks a little like me (and yes, I am happy to point out that I DID get that the wrong way around, considering he is a LOT older than me… PHEW!), and some say he is THE kitchen chemist and yet others that he might be a bit barking…  I however will merely state the facts.

The signature dish at his Knightsbridge eatery Dinner is the Meat Fruit.  A savoury dish all dressed up to look like a fruit – yes my friends, a chicken liver/foie gras mixed coated in a tangerine jelly. You know it sounds intriguing and boy does it look the part but still I avoided it when I visited (I am not a big fan of foie gras you see).  But others say that it is the dog’s proverbials (did I get the possessive apostrophe right?!).

So have you got your head around this “Savoury Sweet” malarkey yet? No? Well how about this: Boutique Chocolatier Paul A. Young (the A. is important – so as not to be mistaken with the 80’s “heartthrob”).  M just bought me a box of his luscious creations – for no good reason, other than that I am clearly worth it – and was I more than a little surprised with the list of truffles: Cigar Leaf Caramel, Kernel Brewery Porter, Stichelton Cheese and Sweet Bramble, Ginger Pig Black Pudding with Heron Valley Cider and toasted oat.  Yes you read correctly – a cheese truffle and a black pudding truffle!  The world has gone mad… or has it?  Actually pretty damn good (but still not as good as his salt caramel truffle which was amazing!).

So after all this it isn’t a big surprise to learn that Savoury Fruits have been tipped as being a Top Ten Food Trend for 2013 by those in the know… I don’t doubt it, but the big question though, is when the “Top Ten food trends for 20XX” will be topped by another of Heston’s favourite topics: INSECTS!  I’m guessing it’s going to sooner rather than later…

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