heathrow_timelapse_videoAw man! I could have (should have) done this from my roof terrace – it would have been as easy as anything.  As it is whoever DID do it has done a splendid job – making those massive metal birds seem dainty as they dance, almost like butterflies as they descend down their respective glide paths towards London’s Heathrow. So simple yet so effective…

san_diego_airport_timelapse_takeoff… just like this masterpiece from film professor Cy Kuckenbaker. All the take-offs (my source says landings, but unless planes land backwards at San Diego International I think that it is a little typo) during 4.5 hours. They don’t look like butterflies here – but they do look a lot like children’s toys!  Check out the landing video below the main image… noisy!

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