Rogier Wieland

rogier_wieland_dancing_stop_motionA late discovery for me – but still brilliant none the less!  Rogier Wieland – Dutch stop motion genius with many clients, but with super-cool notebook maker Moleskin as a patron it would seem considering the portfolio of clips that they have commissioned.  No wonder Rogier can keep such a broad squad of interns busy at his Hague workshop!

Check out his YouTube channel – for his non-commercial work (his showreel isn’t half bad!) and this “making of” video showing the creation of the latest Moleskin instalment.   Want to see more?  Well check out these links to some more animation magic:


A Year in Full Colour – Moleskin Planners

rogier_wieland_planner_collection_moleskinMoleskin Planners Collection Gets Larger – and Smaller

rogier_wieland_bags_in_hyper_stop_motion_moleskinMoleskin Bags in Hyper Stop Motion

rogier_wieland_mini_moleskinMoleskin Mini

rogier_wieland_pac_man_moleskinMoleskin Pac Man

rogier_wieland_trenchcoat_whatcha_gotTrenchcoat – Whatcha Got

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