Matt Pugh

matt pugh walnut oak owlsNow I love a nice decorative animal or two dotted around the house as reminders of the wonderful wildlife that surrounds us – and what better than some beautifully carved and turned pieces of solid walnut to show those pesky Danes that we Brits are also a dab hand at modern design classics.

matt pugh walnut birds vases lightingMatt Pugh and his timeless owls have now got some new friends to keep them company. Beautiful little birds – available in oak, walnut and maple with various coloured fronts are delightful and work beautifully with his range of vases and somewhat quirky desk lamps.  Now you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Illums Bollighus – perhaps the best interior design shop anywhere in the world is a big fan of Matt and his work; displaying his creations alongside classic pieces from the likes of Kay Bojesen and Kristian Vedel (ps. That’s not Kristian in the video… he passed sadly in 2003, but you can read more about him here).

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