A recurring theme

Perception and space.  Photographs of photographs.  Three dimensional optical illusions in a two dimensional medium.  My head hurts… but try as you might; there is no denying that the following three artists take these ideas and turn them into unique and beautiful works of art that are each very different takes on similar techniques.  One digital; one physical and one textural – awesome indeed!

john houck aggregatesJohn Houck >>>  Houk uses bespoke software to generate the baseline, and then another piece of code to generate the second derivative iteration.  From that it is a recursive process of folding, lighting and re-photographing the resulting image to finally arrive at the final works of the Aggregates series.  Bloody brilliant if you ask me – and definitely one of my favourite cross-media installations.  Check out an interview with John through Lay Flat and check out his other works at the brilliantly named On Stellar Arrays.

j r schmidt lego manhattan new yorkJ.R.Schmidt  >>>  Apparently Schmidt worked off satellite imagery to render this beautiful, but sadly digital only (Lego doesn’t come in those oh-so-on-trend colours!) depiction of New York made from the epitimous Danish building blocks.  Now, it is quite clear how all this wizardry can be quite easy to do with the type of 3D rendering software that J.R. (R.I.P Larry Hagman) will have access to in his day job – but it is a great idea that has been brilliantly executed.  And to top it all he has rendered one of the prettiest world maps ever created.  Buy an XL I say – and stick it on your wall at home!

miriam bohmMiriam Böhm >>>  Berlin based Miriam has works in MoMA, which is no surprise as her works are both visually stunning as well as being worthy of detailed reflection and discussion.  Although very much the product of a studio process; each work conjures up so much more than a “photograph of a photograph”  although the press spin does try its hardest to break the spell.  See more of her latest exhibition, Before in Front.

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