jason tozer bubbles 1Having just returned from a weekend of Christmas food excess at the in-laws in Sweden, my first thought wasn’t of bubbles other than perhaps those not-so-quietly doing their thing in my tummy – but then I saw an article about Salman Rushdie, award winning and fatwa challenged writer of Midnight Children and The Satanic Verses.  Apparently, prior to making it as a professional writer and becoming Iran’s most high profile hate icon, he was an advertising copywriter.

jason tozer bubbles 2Very interesting indeed!  Apparently he wasn’t alone in having such a career path either – but no one else can lay claim to creating such brilliant slogans such as Naughty but Nice (for Fresh Cream Cakes) and, in this case, the superbly apt Irresistibubble (for Nestle Aero) – which amazingly is still used today.

jason tozer bubbles 3While reading this Rushdie article, my mind was drawn to a memory of some amazing photographs of cavitation bubbles that were entered into a competition I was running at the time by macro-photo fiend Dr John Brackenbury to promote science and engineering.  Sadly I can’t find them anywhere, but instead I stumbled upon these amazing photographs to share instead.

fabian oefner iridient 2Fabian Oefner >>> Swiss native Fabian uses all sorts of digital flash wizardry to capture bubbles for his brilliant series Iridient.  Like the others featured here, the addition of soap to the water creates wonderful rainbow effects and the life story of each bubble at its most spectacular when captured at bursting point.  While you are browsing Fabian’s site, please don’t miss the colourfully extravagant Millefiori series.

fabian oefner iridient 1Jason Tozer >>> Originally commissioned by Creative Review for a Sony advertorial (ie. they have been shot with the first generation Sony Alpha D-SLR on its release in 2009).

This beautiful and thought provoking series of images from Jason Tozer really does conjure up images of planets; there are some that are very reminiscent of that famous photo of the Earth taken from the moon, but others definitely allude more to the big gas giants Jupiter and Saturn.

bjoern ewers orbital 10Björn Ewers >>> Another ad man, Berliner Björn Ewers gained world-wide acclaim for his Inside Instruments campaign for his local (and world famous) orchestra.  But it is one of his latest projects that has caught my eye.  Orbital, a series of 10 bubble photographs that are simple and beautiful.  The standout is #10 (not sure if it has a specific name) which reminds me so much of a slightly bleary eyed (hungover?) Hal from 2001. If you want to buy some prints then you can do that here.

bjoern ewers orbital 6Well surely this amazing selection of soap covered magnificence is so much better than food induced agrivation?  Simple ideas, beautfifully framed and captured with modern digital photography techniques for our pleasure.  I hope you enjoy – and if you find those cavitation bubble photographs from Dr Brackenbury on your wanders through the interweb then please let me know!

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