Child’s Play

I know, I know – the little ones are quite happy applying their rampant creativity on empty boxes, bog roll tubes, corks and some sticky-back plastic.  But (and there is always a but!) there are so many fun things available for kids these days – and as an interested (as well as loving) parent, why wouldn’t you want to be splurging a little on some of these fantastical creations?

oliver jeffers lost and foundFar from lost >>  Multi-talented Oliver Jeffers is a genius – and he can create best-selling children’s book too.   Although I note with intrigue that he calls them picture books rather than children’s books, it is clear he knows his primary audience.  Stuck is a great book, with a superb trailer – but I do like a good crime caper; so The Great Paper Caper – a thrilling tale of mystery, crime, alibis, paper planes and bears will always win my vote.  Watch the trailer for the Lost and Found by StudioAka.

chris haugton oh no georgeOh No George! >>  From Chris Haughton, the writer of multi-prize winning A Bit Lost comes the mightily colourful and ever so peckish George.  Super graphic illustrations, a simple and engaging story – what else could a middle-aged child want?

hector serrano finger puppetsHandies? They are at the end of your wristies! >>  You don’t have to be a professional toy maker or children’s book producer to dabble with kids stuff.  It seems that product designers are quite skilled at producing stylish and fun things too – just like London based Hector Serrano with his many variations on the finger and hand-puppets genre.   My personal favourite?  Well it has to be the animal hand transfers.

mibo paper animalsMenagerie >>  Yes, I am a sucker for cutsey forest animals, and these fun characters from Mibo are no exception!   They might be from Brighton (no, Hove – not Brighton they cry!) and I think they too have had a bit of a Blue Peter period – but flat-packed, paper based “make it yourself” products are definitely a-la-mode  – Mibo are so 2013 that it hurts!

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