Can you Kick it?

kickstarterIt’s not even five years old – yet it has already changed the lives of many, many people – both those who have seen their ideas come to life through the pledges of others or for those who have benefited directly from the tangible and intangible benefits that come from being part of a crowd funded endeavour. Some of these projects are simple product development and/or design studies that would eventually have come to the market anyway. However there are plenty that would never have seen the light of day had it not been for Kickstarter.  Equally, there are plenty of people around the world from all walks of life who have and will be grateful for ideas originated with a kick!

Here is some of what I have kickstarted (It’s going to be THE verb of the decade) in 2013:

kickstarter_lumio_1Lumio >> This was my first, but definitely not my last – and it was also the first to be completed. When it arrived home I was blown away by the details and the amazing quality. Even though I was being kept up-to-date with the project through the often weekly updates, and had seen the lengths that Max was going to by ensuring every single element was hand selected and of the highest quality – the excitement when I opened the amazing packaging was palpable. My bespoke Lumio now has pride of place in my guest bedroom which has already resulted in at least two further orders.

kickstarter_coburns_2The Coburns >> Purchased as a gift: $24 of simple delight from the forest. Fine Grain have developed simple perfection for everyone who needs to prop up their pad. They have promised a December delivery –let’s hope that they arrive in time!

kickstarter_range_3Range >> Well, I have had two cooking thermometers in the past 12 months – and both are completely and utterly useless. When I saw this I thought, “Yupp – that’s for me!” well as I don’t have any iRubbish I’ll have to be clever; although there is some fruit in the family so no doubt I’ll be able to play with the Range as often as I like as long as I share the outcome of my experimentation.

kickstarter_morph_4Morph >> This takes me all the way back to my childhood and Tony Hart. How could ANYONE of my generation not pledge a few pounds to see the return of the original Morph, Chas and Nailbrush! Its great to see that they met their targets and are now doing a couple more episodes.. Yay! for me (and for all of us Morph lovers who will now be able to share with a new generation!).

kickstarter_moss_5MOSS >> My most expensive pledge and the one that I am now longing for more than any of the others – why? Just look at it! Amazing! Brilliant! Awesome! And they have just announced that the development kit will be brought forward now that they have met their next stretch target… I’m almost in tears with anticipation. There is still a few more days to go and to get your pledges in – who knows they may make the next stretch goal and who know what other goodies await us!

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