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Can you Kick it?

It’s not even five years old – yet it has already changed the lives of many, many people – both those who have seen their ideas come to life through the pledges of others or for those who have benefited … Continue reading

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A 24-bit recipe for light

Philips: not necessarily a company that you expect to be delivering super cool products. Well not these days anyway.  Ancient, monolithic and well, Dutch!  No latte drinking hipsters fresh from a jaunt down Sand Hill Road between classes here – … Continue reading

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Invisibility explained

Here Professor Chris Phillips from Imperial College London explains how various “cloaking” technologies work – and just as importantly how/why they might actually be useful in the real world. Sadly none of them are as entertaining as Douglas Adam’s solution … Continue reading

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All I want for Christmas…

Apart from this rant reaching the depths and quality of a Denis Leary outburst – what I want, what I really, really want … is a smartphone with a battery that will last a normal day of what it was intended for: email, texting, … Continue reading

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Lytro is here!

Back in June I wrote about the fantastic Lytro Light Field Camera and its’ amazing “shoot first, focus later” features. Back then it was only the image gallery that had been released – but now the camera itself is ready … Continue reading

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Bonsai Banzai!

Wow – this is little bonsai electree gem is nothing short of genius!  I love everything about it and have put an order in as a little early Christmas present to myself (and of course anyone who comes and visits). … Continue reading

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Pimp my pix

Oh me oh my! Here are four fabulous products to inspire you to get out there and take more great photos. Sadly the fourth item on show here is only a concept – but what a concept! I think even … Continue reading

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